About Us

HerbalCheck.Com aims to give you a comprehensive resource of evidence-based, noncommercial, and consumer-focused information about herbal products to help you lead a healthier life.

Our mission is to give you the guidance you need so you can make wise decisions in choosing and buying herbal medicines from the broad range of herbal products available in the market today. Here you will find easy-to-understand materials on everything from herbal medicine to breakthrough research and disease management. By using combined research from pharmacists, doctors, and health professionals, our editors give you information you can trust.

HerbalCheck.Com is the consumer herbal information website of Sieg Web Solutions Corporation, the company that also owns and operates other large independent product information websites. From this corporate relationship, HerbalCheck.Com draws the manpower, expertise, and facilities it needs to become trustworthy and responsible web publication that puts you first.

How we rate

HerbalCheck.Com editors and researchers make expert recommendations on what herbal products are the best for certain conditions. The ratings are based on two things: quality and value for money. The quality score of a herbal product is determined using syndicated consumer reviews from our members and from other trustworthy websites. The value-for-money score, on the other hand, determined by comparing a product's price tag against its peers and competitors. Please see our terms of use.