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Herpes can infect anyone regardless of social and economic status. The risks are just magnified due to improper hygiene, unsafe sexual activities and miseducation. From the grocer clerk to the traffic enforcer to the city mayor and even famous Hollywood celebrities, anyone can acquire the virus. No one is exempted or even immune from this particular virus.

Yes, even celebrities can suffer from herpes. They are, after all, human beings just like the rest of us. In fact, any sexually active person can catch and even spread it if he's not careful enough. As earlier mentioned, the infection is quite common. The problem with being a celebrity, however, is that the issue tends to get magnified and turned into a public spectacle mainly because of one's popularity. Many famous personalities have managed to get into the limelight because of this infection.

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Interesting Lawsuits

The messy divorce between actress-singer Liza Minelli and TV producer David Gest has been dragged into the limelight because of alleged herpes infection. According to several entertainment reporters, Gest claimed that Minnelli allegedly infected him with the virus but that she didn't tell him about it until after they have already tied the knot. After several years of court battles, the two finally decided to go for a no-fault divorce in January 2007.

But this is not even the first time that herpes brought on court proceedings. In 1986 a resentful ex-girlfriend took movie star Robin Williams to court. The girl sued Williams for a whopping $6.2 million claiming that the actor infected her with herpes. The issue ended with a settlement out of court.

In 2001, actress Anne Heche came out with an autobiography recounting her life with an abusive father. She reveals in the book that she has developed genital herpes when she was a kid after being sexually molested by her own dad.  

Herpes Gossip

Celebrities choose to keep mum when it comes to their health problems – most especially when it concerns herpes. But that doesn't keep the gossip vines from working overtime just to spread the word around. There's always a way for these news to get around.

Katie Holmes was once seen with suspicious sores on her lips and many people speculate that this could be the work of the nasty virus. Prescriptions for certain herpes medications have pointed Janet Jackson and Britney Spears as infected by the virus as well. Jessica Alba is rumored to have it as well after getting it from Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees. Given that Jeter is quite famous for his celebrity flings, it didn't come as quite a surprise when the gossip columns started suspecting his other conquests which included the likes of Mariah Carey, Vanessa Minnillo and Jessica Biel.

And the list goes on.  

Herpes Cure

There is no concrete information on what these celebrities used to cure their herpes, but more and more people use effective antiviral medications that show effectiveness in alleviating this infection.  

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