Female Herpes

  Female Herpes In Perspective: How Herpes Affects A Woman's Life

Female herpes, especially when that which infects the genital area, is possibly one of the hardest and most painful health conditions a woman can face. Having genital herpes is source of both physiological and psychological pain in as much as it also causes embarrassment and emotional letdown. The overall effect of having herpes may be similar to both men and women, but female herpes tends to be more difficult to deal with precisely because it entails more risks and complications.

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Likelihood Of Infection

The topmost concern of women regarding herpes is that the female population has higher chances of contracting the infection and having herpes symptoms than males. Most males who gets infected with the virus do not experience its symptoms (sores, lesions, and pain in the affected area), but rather function as carriers of it. Even without the symptoms, these males may pass on the virus to their female partners who in turn are highly likely to develop the symptoms. Moreover, it has also been observed that female herpes is more severe and has greater complications than that of males.  

Possible Complications

One of the common complications of herpes among female is that it can coincide with her monthly menstrual cycle, which leads to a more painful and uncomfortable menstruation episode. Outbreaks are also known to coincide with periods in a woman's life where hormonal activity is high such as in instances of heavy physical and emotional stress or during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is one episode of a woman's life where infection with female herpes proves to be very distressful and painful. This is because there is risk that the infection will be passed on to an infant during childbirth, regardless of whether the pregnant mother currently has an outbreak or not. If the virus is indeed transmitted to the baby, he or she may be infected and may develop fever blisters or cold sores. This incidence is rather high in vaginal births but should not be a reason for women with herpes to not have children. A good alternative is to have a Caesarian delivery so as to minimize the baby's contact with the mother's genital area.  

Herpes And Other Diseases

Another major concern with regards to a female having herpes is that the infection increases her risk of contracting other diseases. A woman with open lesions and fresh outbreak of sores is twice as likely to contract other sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts and even AIDS. Moreover, some researchers have linked female herpes to the possibility of developing cervical cancer as well other types of genital cancers.  

Is There A Herpes Pill?

Treatment of female herpes is still limited to minimizing the severity of the condition. Some effective antiviral medications work well. They are usually organic or herbal, and pose no dangerous side effects. 

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