Female Symptoms Of Herpes

  How To Spot Female Symptoms Of Herpes At An Early Stage

Genital herpes is a contagious viral infection but unlike most of its kind, it is transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact and not by air. It is a sexually transmitted disease but it can also be passed on through other parts that come in direct, unprotected contact with the infection. In pregnant women, the infection may also be passed to her child during childbirth, in which case it becomes highly dangerous for the newly born baby. The worst thing about the disease, however, is that you may already be infected without knowing it because female symptoms herpes have the tendency not to manifest even when you already have the virus

Fortunately, the chances that the symptoms do not manifest are quite low if compared to the likelihood that the signs do show up. However, most symptoms resemble signs of other simpler diseases that a lot of women tend to misread or disregard them. This should not be the case because early detection of female symptoms herpes is essential to proper treatment of the condition. Here are some of the common symptoms of genital herpes in women to help you identify and determine if you are indeed afflicted with the viral infection:

  1. blisters and sores on the genitals
  2. fever
  3. swollen lymph glands around the genital area
  4. body aches
  5. burning sensation, itching, and tingling in and near the genitals
  6. leg pain
  7. lower back pain
  8. blisters and sores on the buttocks and in the area surrounding the genitals, including the anal region
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Professional Help

These female symptoms herpes are easily distinguishable but having them does not necessarily mean that you have genital herpes. These signs are quite common among several diseases and infection that they may indicate a condition other than genital herpes. If you notice any or all of these symptoms, it would be best to seek medical advice or a doctor's diagnosis in order to be sure. The doctor would likely ask you about your background and history or he may subject you to several tests including herpes antibody test and the more sophisticated sensitive polymerase chain reaction (pcr) blood test to ascertain if you do have the infection.

Upon determining that if you have the viral infection based on the observed female symptoms herpes, the doctor could give you medication depending on the severity and maturity of your infection. Herpes is a non-curable disease and once you acquire the virus, it stays in your body for life. There are however ways to treat this infection there are some medication you can take to relieve you of the symptoms, especially the pain that comes with the blisters.

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