First Signs Of Herpes

  Recognizing The First Signs Of Herpes:

Have you recently engaged in unprotected sexual activity—be it vaginal, anal or oral sex? Are you experiencing itching in your genital area? Do you also notice reddening skin in or around your genitals? Are your gums swollen? Do you experience pain when urinating? Are your muscles frequently aching? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may unfortunately have the herpes virus. The symptoms mentioned above are actually the first signs of herpes. Of course, if you are lucky, then your symptoms may just be manifestations of less serious (and less permanent) diseases such as a yeast infection, a rash, jock itch or a urinary tract infection. The only way to know is to get tested as soon as you start noticing these changes in your body.

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Looking Out For The First Signs Of Herpes

Once you become infected with the virus, you don't immediately start exhibiting the symptoms. The first outbreak actually occurs within a couple of days to as much as a couple of weeks from the time that you contracted the virus. The outbreak begins when your skin starts turning a little red. This is because the blisters and sores that you will be experiencing are well on their way. If you are a female, the lesions will start developing in the folds of your vulva. They can also spread to the anus, the urethra or even the upper thigh. Some unfortunate women experience the infection up to their cervix. If the virus has reached this far inside your vagina, the effects can be very painful. On the other hand, men will start noticing lesions in their penis. Their scrotum and urethra are also common places where the blisters may be found.  

Other Symptoms To Watch Out For

There are other first signs of herpes that you should look out for other than the blisters and lesions. Some people also contract a fever. You may also start noticing that you are feeling fatigued and tired most of the time. Chills and profuse sweating are also common symptoms. Your lymph nodes also become swollen as your body tries to fight the infection.

The Future Ahead

After you have exhibited the first signs of herpes and after you have tested positive for the virus, the road ahead may seem like a bleak one. As of now, there is no known cure yet for the herpes virus. Of course, this does not mean that you will have blisters on your genitals and mouth for the rest of your life and you may as well live in your basement. One out of every five people in the country is actually carriers of herpes. Fortunately, many of them are capable of going on with their normal lives since their outbreaks rarely occur. For some, they do not occur at all. Moreover, there are now available herpes herbal medication. We recommend the most effective and safest in this website.  

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