Herpes Lesions

  Treating And Containing Herpes Lesions

A good fraction of the world's population is infected with the herpes simplex virus, simply known as herpes. Herpes is a viral disease that affects any one, men or women, child or adult. It is contracted mainly via direct skin to skin contact. Once acquired, the herpes virus will stay permanently in the body. It is mainly characterized by herpes lesions and sores. But although herpes lesions can be contained, the virus itself will remain dormant in the body.

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Symptoms Of Herpes

The symptoms of herpes in general vary according to each individual. Usually, herpes lesions become evident after two to three weeks upon contact. There are some cases when no symptoms are experienced at all, and these are known as asymptomatic infections.

Generally, though, the symptoms of herpes include:

  • An itching or burning sensation in the affected area
  • Itching is accompanied by pain in and surrounding the affected area
  • Discharge (in the genitals if you have genital herpes)

After having these symptoms, you will have herpes lesions just a few days after. These lesions, or sores, can occur in and around the mouth or genitals. These lesions are characterized by large, reddish bumps that are open and very painful. These, however, tend to dry up and just end up as scars in the end.

Once you experience the symptoms of herpes, other minor symptoms will follow such as fever, headache, muscle pain, and swollen glands. Children who have herpes usually are irritable and very cranky.

How Is Herpes Diagnosed?

Herpes can be very hard to diagnose, even if you already show presence of herpes lesions. Strict laboratory tests should be conducted to make sure that you have herpes. Patients who have herpes are usually misdiagnosed as having either urinary tract infection, mouth ulcers, or other skin diseases.

If left undiagnosed, herpes can be very painful and can cause serious discomfort for you. That's why you need to go only to a reputable and good laboratory and doctor to have it checked. 

Treatment Of Herpes

Although herpes lesions can be contained, the virus itself cannot be removed from the body. There are some topicals and ointments available to lessen the appearance of lesions in the affected area. There are several ointments available and you need to consult with your doctor to find the right one that will suit you. Nevertheless, the virus itself will just remain in a dormant state and can be triggered just by stressful situations and a weak immune system.

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