Herpes Looks Like A Pimple

  Does Herpes Looks Like A Pimple?

A question burning in many people's head, probably in yours, too, is on what herpes really look like. How can you distinguish herpes from other infections and disease that looks the same, especially acne? Not a few people would say that herpes looks like a pimple, but not without reason. Herpes can actually be mistaken for acne or pimple if you fail to examine it closely. However, not because herpes looks like a pimple should you treat it as such. Herpes, though as common an infection as acne or pimple, is a much more contagious and emotionally draining condition. As such, you would want to handle it with care and to treat it properly. 

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Herpes And Pimples Compared

At first glance, herpes looks like a pimple because they have fairly the same appearance –that of swollen and raised rashes on the skin. However, upon closer examination, you will be able to identify several differences between herpes and pimples. For one, herpes is vesicular which means that it is appears in clusters. It is also characterized by blisters, which can be anywhere between whitish, clear, or yellowish set in a red base. Moreover, some blisters are filled with either a green or yellowish substance.

This sets it highly apart from pimples, which are typically red with white heads. Furthermore, pimples are usually scattered over the face and other affected body parts while herpes tend to cluster on only one side of the body. This is because herpes infects connecting nerve cells in the skin.

Another sign that differentiates herpes from pimples is that the former is usually accompanied by a tingling feeling or a burning sensation. You may feel this before the breakout of the actual blisters and it usually lingers even after the blisters have subsided and formed a scab.

In genital herpes, the difference between herpes and pimples becomes even more pronounced. Even though genital herpes looks like a pimple, it is easier to spot and differentiate because it is usually accompanied by vaginal or penile discharges.

Making Sure It's Herpes

If herpes looks like a pimple, how do you determine that you do have the infection and not another condition? For this, you may need to seek expert medical advice or have a doctor see your condition for diagnosis. Most physicians and dermatologists typically use certain clinical test to ascertain that a rash or cluster of blisters is indeed herpes. Seeing a doctor is advisable, not only to have your condition properly diagnosed but also to get the appropriate herpes treatment and medication for it. Keep in mind that even though herpes is not curable, it can be treated.   

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