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  Herpes Pictures Tell It All!

Looking at herpes pictures tells you that this viral infection is an ugly disease. However, it is more than just ugly in appearance because it also brings about stigma against people who have it. This common viral infection, specifically genital herpes, is a sexually transmitted disease –the aspect of it which best explains the stigma that comes with it. Unlike most viral disease which are caused by airborne viruses, herpes can be caught through unprotected skin-to-skin contact and unprotected intimate contact in the case of genital herpes. 

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A Simple Rash Or Herpes?

Herpes is often mistaken for a number of less contagious and less serious viral infections and skin abnormalities, but not without reason. Pictures of early stages of herpes would show you that it the condition looks very much like acne or chicken pox. However, a look into herpes pictures showing the disease in its later phase would tell you that it is very much different from the two aforementioned diseases. Full blown herpes is characterized by blisters and open sores that are anywhere from clear to yellowish and bloody in color. It is also often preceded by a tingling feeling in the infected area as well as accompanied by fever and muscle pains. Discharges from the genitals and pain during urination are also indication that you have herpes and not just a pimple.

The Dark Side Of Herpes Exposed

As mentioned above, herpes brings with it a lot of stigma against anyone found to have the said infection. The stigma of being unclean, in both personal and social ways, is often a big source of embarrassment and emotional distress to an infected person. Aside from its emotional and social effects, the physical aspect of herpes cannot also be understated. Herpes pictures that show the sores and blisters in their ripest forms clearly indicate that herpes is a physically painful disease. On top these, the other symptoms of herpes are equally devastating of physical strength.  

Staying Away From The Virus

Herpes is a very common viral infection but there is a definitive way to avoid getting the virus in the first place. One of the wisest moves would be to practice safe and protected sex all the time. Moreover, avoid having too many intimate partners as this also increases your chances of contracting the virus. It would also be very wise to avoid having sex with a partner with open sores and unhealed blisters. You should also avoid unprotected contact with such sores even with other parts of your body as the virus may also be transmitted this way.
If these precautionary words are not convincing enough for you to take herpes seriously, then actual herpes pictures may be more effective. You will find many pictures of herpes on this site. You will also find herpes cure here .  

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