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Herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases are not exactly favourable conversation topics, and yet they are becoming more prevalent. Approximately one in ever five adult Americans are found to be infected with herpes, and about a million more cases are being recorded every year. So even if people do not like to talk about it, this doesn't make the problem any less real. The herpes virus is like a shadow—creeping in corners and preparing to attack unsuspecting (and uninformed) victims. Despite the shame and fear, openly talking about herpes may actually save a lot of people from contracting the disease. One of the most important aspects of the discussion should be directed at the symptoms and signs of the disease.

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Educate Yourself

Knowing about and being familiar with herpes signs and symptoms is extremely important because an alarming number of herpes carriers are not even aware that they have the virus. This is dangerous because they will then freely have sexual contact with other people, who will in turn contract the diseases. The cycle goes on and on until more and more Americans are carrying the disease because of their ignorant and careless sexual activity. Knowing the signs and symptoms of herpes will prevent you from spreading the disease around and will help you seek treatment as soon as possible.

What To Look Out For

Herpes basically affects two parts of the body. After unprotected sex, you have a high chance of contracting the virus either in your mouth (lips, tongue, gums, and surrounding skin on the face) or your genital area (vagina, penis, cervix, scrotum, anus, upper thighs).  The first symptom you will notice is that your skin is slightly reddening and having small bumps. Although painful, these bumps will be small in size and you may casually suppose that they are just causes of a harmless rash. These bumps will then increase in size until they develop into full-blown blisters containing fluid. When the blister ruptures, it will turn into a lesion or sore. These symptoms are usually accompanied by a lot of itching. In the case of genital herpes, painful urination is also one of the most common signs.  

Other Indications

There are also other herpes signs and symptoms that can help you determine if you have the virus or not. You will likely notice swollen lymph nodes or glands in your genital area. Fever, fatigue, aching muscles and headache are also common signs. Lower back pain is also present since the virus is hiding itself in the tissues at the base of your spine.  

Help Is On The Way

With the right herpes medication , you can significantly alleviate your condition. We recommend the most trusted and most effective herpes drugs and treatment here in this website.  

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