Herpes Treatment

  Learning About Herpes Treatment:Making Your Life Easier Despite Herpes

Herpes is a devastating condition for which, unfortunately, there is no known cure yet. Pretty much like the common cold, all one can do is try to prevent it and alleviate the symptoms once affected. However, sneezing and sniffling is different from having red, painful blisters around your mouth and genital area. Yet the scariest thing about herpes is the fact that, once you are a carrier, you will be a carrier for the rest of your life. So if you are looking for a herpes treatment that will end your symptoms once and for all, then you are very much wasting your time—but don't despair. Millions of people across the country are still managing to live healthy, normal and productive lives despite contracting the virus.

The Best Herpes Cure
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Dodging The Outbreak

Herpes manifests itself through outbreaks. These outbreaks are basically what the herpes treatment seeks to address, instead of the herpes virus itself. Think of it as a volcano who is sometimes dormant and sometimes active. There is no predicting when a volcano may erupt. All one can do is to take the necessary precaution and try to control the damage of the eruption. The same is true with a herpes outbreak. Some patients experience severe and multiple outbreaks in a year, while some are lucky enough not to even experience at least one outbreak.

Eat Up

One of the best herpes treatment techniques that are known today is connected to diet and nutrition. As you know, the type of food you eat can greatly determine the condition and health of your body. According to studies, the vitamin arginine can trigger the symptoms of herpes. If you want to prevent an outbreak, stay away from foods that are rich in arginine like chocolate, whole wheat bread, peanuts, caffeine, coconut, oatmeal, raisins, nuts and brown rice.

On the other hand, lysine is a vitamin that has exactly the oppossite effects—meaning that it can alleviate the symptoms of herpes. Be sure to enrich your daily diet with a lot of dairy products, chicken, potatoes, beef, fish, eggs and soybeans.

Doctor, Doctor

Your doctor can also prescribe you some medicine that are designed for herpes treatment. Although they can't permanently erase your condition, then can shorten the length of time your outbreaks occur, reduce the severity of your symptoms or even suppress your symptoms completely. Be sure to discuss with your doctor which medication is the best for you. Follow instructions regarding dosage, method of administering, precautions, etc.  

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