Hoodia Weight Loss Pills

  The Truth About Hoodia Weight Loss Pills: Are Hoodia Diet Pills Safe?

Several diet methods and programs are found in the market today but not all of them are effective. The sad truth is, some companies simply fool the person into thinking that the diet program works by peppering it with several advertisements and would-be testimonials from supposed people who have tried them. One of the most popular alternative diet programs today includes the use of Hoodia weight loss pills. But are Hoodia weight loss pills safe? How do they work?

Hoodia Chaser
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About Hoodia

Hoodia weight loss pills are made from Hoodia Gordonii, medicinal herbs found only in the deserts of South Africa. For Africans, Hoodia has been widely known as an appetite suppressant. Tribal travelers usually take Hoodia leaves for long journeys so they won't have to worry about getting hungry on long journeys.

The Hoodia came to fame from the Kalahari Desert. It was discovered by the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in 1977. Experiments have revealed that the herb works well in suppressing the appetite. It was later patented in 1996 and was sold by Pfizer.

How Hoodia Works

Hoodia weight loss pills work by making the brain think that it is full thereby eliminating any cravings and unnecessary eating. Many people have taken Hoodia as a weight loss supplement in aid of their weight loss regime.

Although Hoodia pills are available, many still prefer the use of Hoodia in liquid form (diet shakes), claiming that these are absorbed better by the body as compared to pills. Some people claim that pills only get buried in the digestive system and are not absorbed by the body, whereas liquid form of Hoodia gets absorbed easily and effects are felt easily.

Does Hoodia Actually Work?

Despite of the widespread belief that Hoodia weight loss pills actually work, many still counter these claims. Many say that there is no scientific evidence that will back the claim of several people on the positive effects of Hoodia for weight loss.

Nevertheless, many people still trust Hoodia and use them as part of their weight loss regime. The important thing to remember is that you should be wary of using these pills – any diet pill at all – and use them with a critical mind.

Don't just rely on diet pills for weight loss, be sure to complement it with diet and exercise to make sure that you do lose weight safely and securely.

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