Signs Of Herpes

  Knowing The Signs Of Herpes

Sexually transmitted diseases have always been, for the most part, topics to be avoided. Or at the very least, they have always been delicate subjects. People freely discuss other health conditions or diseases such as asthma, allergies, flu, diabetes or even cancer without feeling any significant discomfort. This is probably because diseases like diabetes and asthma occur because of a malfunction in your body that you are not necessarily responsible for. However, STDs are primarily a cause of your lifestyle. People—especially women— are reluctant to admit they have herpes because they are afraid of being seen as someone who is promiscuous or sexually active, someone who has unsanitary sexual habits or someone who generally does not prioritize hygiene. If you suspect that you have the virus, knowing the signs of herpes can help you seek treatment as soon as possible.

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Signs Of Herpes In Women

Women contract the herpes virus through unprotected vaginal, oral or anal intercourse. After the infection, the virus may not manifest itself for as long as a month or even longer. This is because the virus may lay dormant in the body for a while before exhibiting the signs. Genital herpes in women can infect various parts of the genitalia. Some herpes outbreak can go inside the vagina as far as the cervix. In this case, the virus can be extremely painful. Sometimes, the virus can also affect the vaginal opening. Vaginal discharge, redness and itching are also common signs. Some women attribute their symptoms to vaginitis or a yeast infection. Whether you have herpes or not, it's important to get tested as early as possible so you can seek herpes treatment or, if you test negative, regain your peace of mind. 

Signs Of Herpes In Men

Unprotected sex can also cause herpes in males. The more sexual partners a man has, the more chances he has of contracting the virus. A tricky thing about herpes is the fact that a man can pass it to his sexual partners without having the symptoms himself. This is why testing is very important between sexual partners. Sores are the most prevalent symptom to look out for when it comes to genital herpes in men. As with women, redness, bumps, itching and painful urination are also common signs.  

Triggering Factors

Medical research is still being performed regarding the cure for herpes. In the meantime, you can avoid certain factors that are known to trigger an outbreak. Signs of herpes are reactivated in times of stress, high sexual activity and when your overall immune system is weakening. For women, an outbreak may occur during menstrual periods. 

Do Not Lose Hope

With the right medication , you can fight herpes. Consult with your doctor before taking herpes medication if you are worried that your other health conditions may interfere with this drug. However, because the products we endorse are natural and herbal, they are generally very safe to use.  

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