Skin Herpes

  Understanding Skin Herpes

Herpes affects anyone, anywhere, anytime. Young or old, men or women, all are prone to incurring herpes, whether around the mouth or genitals. The fact is, skin herpes is not just transmitted sexually, although unsafe sex is a major factor in contracting skin herpes. Herpes is a viral disease that is transmitted via direct skin-to-skin contact.

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How Herpes Works Inside The Body

Upon direct skin contact with a person infected with herpes, you will not automatically see signs and symptoms of an infection. Normally, herpes starts to show within two to three weeks after direct contact.

Once contact with an HSV-infected individual is made, the virus will remain in the body for life. Although sores can be cured physically, internally it cannot and it will lie in a dormant state inside the body and can be triggered easily with stress and a weak immune system. 

Skin And Mouth Herpes

Herpes falls into two categories: mouth and skin herpes.

Oral herpes is an infection that is mainly asymptomatic, or one that rarely shows any direct symptoms. Symptoms of oral herpes include a sore throat, cold sores in and around the mouth and gums, and other psychological effects like irritability and crankiness. The important thing to note is that oral herpes can be contracted even by kids.

Meanwhile, skin herpes includes genital herpes and herpes on other body parts usually is acquired through sexual contact with a person already suffering from herpes. Children who often suck their thumbs may have cold sores around the fingers or hands. Genital herpes usually occurs in and around the genitals, making it very painful for the person to urinate or move his bowels.

Assessing Herpes

Herpes is usually hard to diagnose because some doctors usually misdiagnose it as some other kind of skin disease. That's why it is extremely important that if you are experiencing any symptoms, you should immediately have it checked. You should go to a reputable doctor or a laboratory to use the right methods and equipments in checking if you do have herpes. 

Treatment Of Herpes

Sadly, there are no available treatments to skin herpes as of yet. The only remedy you have is to apply ointments or medications to prevent it from further spreading and to make it stay in a dormant state to avoid the further breakout of cold sores. Several medications are available at present.

But scientists are currently working on a vaccine to prevent herpes from being acquired but that seems far off.

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