Stars With Herpes

The Hollywood celebrity life is one characterized by glitz, glamour, and class. It is a life, however, not devoid of controversies, gossips, and criticisms. In  fact, celebrities thrive to a large extent on the latter three for survival in their publicity driven world. However, a number of controversies often costs stars their careers and reputation. Of these damaging issues, stars with herpes is possibly one of the top in the lists. Tabloids and gossip forums, both in print and online, have time and again thrived on news about which stars have herpes and subsequently, who they got the disease from and to whom the have most likely passed it on. 

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A Brief Background On Herpes

Herpes, most notably genital herpes, is contagious viral infection that affects different parts of the body. Of its many faces, however, genital herpes carries the most stigma since it is classified as a sexually transmitted disease. Genital herpes is characterized by sores and blisters in and near the genital area coupled by pain and abnormal discharges. It occurs in two stages: the primary episode which is the first time the infection manifests, and the recurrent outbreaks, which can be anywhere between one to eight times in a given year.  

Bitter Divorce Battle

Among confirmed cases of stars with herpes, a well-publicized one is that of actress-singer Liza Minneli and producer-husband David Gest. Gest claimed that Minneli had the disease way before their marriage but did not inform him about it until long after they were living together. This led to their split in 2003 and to a bitter battle for divorce ever since. Gest did not acquire the disease but is still intent on the divorce case even as Minneli retaliated that she was being poisoned by her husband.

Sportsmen, Sports Not?

Hollywood personalities are the only people in the world of the rich and famous afflicted with image problems regarding alleged herpes. Sports stars with herpes are also a favorite topic of newspapers and online forums. Some of the stars with either alleged or confirmed herpes include New York Yankees star Derek Jeter, NBA player Jason Kidd, and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. These people have suffered much criticism and at some point, even their careers saw major drawbacks as they fought the issue off.  

The Younger Generation

Today's young Hollywood stars and starlets are also a favorite target of people rounding out the names of stars with herpes. Just in the recent years, several young celebrities have been alleged to have genital herpes, which of course the stars deny their hearts to. The most celebrated of these young stars is probably hotel heiress Paris Hilton, who in recent interviews has denied rumors of her having the disease.

More names are up on the lists of stars either confirmed or alleged to have herpes. If one thing is to be learned, however, from all these it is that it pays to be safe. Admittedly, today's society is on the liberated side but this only means that you have to be more vigilant. Just because you want to be carefree doesn’t mean you have to be careless, right?

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