Study On Teeth Whiteners

  Study On Teeth Whiteners

If you're having qualms about brightening your pearly whites then a study on teeth whiteners should put your fears to rest. Aside from just guaranteeing your general safety, a study on teeth whiteners also clarifies whether or not teeth whiteners play a role in more serious diseases, such as cancer. 

Teeth Whitening Tips
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herpeset Teeth Whitening Tips (as in Q-tip swabs!) uses the power of oxygen to remove common teeth stains (from coffee, tea, or smoking), other organic stains, and plaque. This product is very easy to apply. It is also safe and very gentle on the gums. Unlike other teeth whiteners that use re-usable brushes or trays that can carry germs, Teeth Whitening Tips is more hygienic. Use the swab once and throw it away! Your teeth will be whiter in just a few days.

The Results

In a study on teeth whiteners made by Dr. Ian Monroe published in the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, it was found that common teeth whitening products are safe and don't increase risks for oral cancer as long as they are used as directed. In fact, concentrations of hydrogen peroxide declined rapidly to nearly undetectable levels within 15 to 60 minutes.  Not to mention that the concentration used in tooth whiteners are in levels so small to cause changes in oral tissues. The study, “Use of Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Tooth Whitening Products and Its Relationship to Oral Cancer”, included exhaustive review of literature and unpublished clinical studies that involved more than 4,000 subjects.  

Why The Need For A Study?

It's very easy for anyone to make claims. Left and right, you'll hear manufacturers saying that they are absolutely the best. There's really nothing wrong with that unless, of course, they are lying. A study on teeth whiteners involves very objective terms so you know you're only going to be reading about real results, eliminating those hyped up to generate sales. If a study then supports the use of a certain product or if a product has undergone testing to prove its claims, then you are assured that you're a step closer towards achieving the results you're looking for since you're looking at a safe and effective product. 

Your Source

A study on teeth whiteners is most easily available from online journals. However, since some journals require subscriptions, you might only have access to the study's abstract if you're using the journal for free. You might also want to consider going to your local library and checking out scholarly papers on the topic. This method though might be more time-consuming. Health magazines, both online and print, sometimes also do bulk of the work for you by compiling different studies as part of an article. If you have any questions with teeth whiteners, your dentist is also one of the best people you can turn to for more information. Just clarify whatever concerns you might have and you can enjoy whiter teeth without the worries.  

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