Symptoms Of Genital Herpes

  A Case To Case Basis

Symptoms of genital herpes vary from case to case and from person to person depending, primarily, on the severity of the infection. Some people develop the full symptoms and goes through the whole painful cycle while there are some who only experience a minor rash that eventually goes away. Still, there are some cases when the individual who contracts the virus does not develop any symptoms at all.

Gender also comes into play when it comes to symptoms of genital herpes. The symptoms are generally manifested in women more than in men. Moreover, the infection is said to be more severe among females than men in as much as complications are also more common in the former.

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Spotting The Symptoms

The most telling signs of genital herpes are fluid filled blisters that range from clear, yellow, to bloody in color. The blisters usually appear in a cluster because the virus attacks connecting nerve cells in the soft epidermis layer of the skin. The blisters eventually break out into open sores, dry-out, and then scab before completely healing on their own. This whole process is usually accompanied by a burning sensation or excruciating pain in around the infected area as well as some flu-like symptoms such as fever and swollen lymph glands.

However, these symptoms of genital herpes can only be observed when during a full breakout and only weeks after the infection. As mentioned above, some people only develop a red rash or small clear blisters that looks like pimple weeks or even months after contracting the virus. Even as such, it is highly likely that these people would also experience flue-like symptoms.

Seek Professional Help

As herpes is highly contagious and quite tricky to deal with, make sure to seek medical help immediately after spotting symptoms of genital herpes. Prior to seeing a doctor, it is best not to touch any blister you observe in your genital area especially if it is accompanied by pain because you risk spreading the virus to other parts your body like the face or your trunk.
Apart from developing the symptoms, there are other situations is which you may need to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. These situations include the following:

  • having had unprotected sexual intercourse with someone with genital herpes
  • your partner was diagnosed with genital herpes. Medical attention is necessary in this situation even if you do not develop any symptoms of genital herpes yourself.
  • having had multiple sex partners or having had a one-night stand with a person whose sexual background you know nothing of 

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