Symptoms Of Herpes

  How To Identify The Symptoms Of Herpes

Herpes is a common viral infection caused by either the herpes zoster or herpes simplex virus strains. Even though the appearance and symptoms of herpes are quite similar to other common viral infections like chicken pox, herpes is a dreaded disease mainly because it is not curable. There are yet no known cures for herpes infection and while it can be treated with certain anti-viral medications, a person who contracted the virus would harbor it for life. Anti-viral medicines only treat the infection and relieve the patient of the break-out but it does not completely kill the virus, which can be re-activated leading to future break-outs.

Even with this fact, physicians have still time and again pointed out the importance of the early detection and treatment of the disease. This is because the earlier herpes is treated, the less pain, discomfort, and complications it is likely to cause the patient. Early treatment, however, relies heavily on early detection which in turn depends on how fast you recognize the different symptoms of herpes. These symptoms can be grouped into two, those that indicate primary infection and those that signal outbreaks. Here are some of the most common and observable symptoms that usually point out to either.

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Primary Infection

As the name suggests, primary infection is the first time that the virus manifests in an observable form. The first breakout usually happens between two to 10 days from the time of exposure. In most cases, the symptoms of herpes are preceded by a hot, tingling, and sometimes itchy feeling in and around the infected area. After sometime, the first signs would appear: small rashes or bumps in the area infected. These rashes or bumps would later develop into either open lesions or blisters that attack the genital area. However, these blisters may also be observed in skin on other body parts should these come into unprotected contact with any infected area.

These sores and blisters are also usually accompanied by flu-like symptoms that include fever, headaches, muscle pains, and swollen lymph glands near the groin area. What separates the infection from flu, however, is the painful urination and vaginal/penile discharge that also goes with it.

Recurrent Break-outs

Symptoms of recurrent break-outs are very similar to those of the primary infection, only that there is no telling exactly when they occur. The most telling sign, however, is if you experience a burning sensation in previously infected areas. Once treated, the virus usually remains dormant and stays in your skin nerve cells. Recurrent symptoms of herpes usually appear on or near the site of previous infect basically because the virus attacks skin nerve cells that are connected with each other.  

Medical Advice

Symptoms of herpes are often mistaken for other diseases or infections. To determine if the rash you observed on your skin is indeed herpes, it would be wise to seek professional herpes medical advice from your family physician or a dermatologist. Make sure to mention if you experience any burning or tingling sensation prior to developing the rash as this is may be the only differentiating factor between herpes and other diseases. Also check out herbal herpes medications proven to work.   

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